Subscription access to the latest occupational health law and analysis

Editor:Allan Tyrer

Consultant Editor:Professor Diana Kloss

This unique new online OH law service from The At Work Partnership provides an in depth explanation of the key areas of the law – and how they affect the work of OH professionals and allied health professionals, HR managers and health and safety managers.

The OH Law Online service will cease to be updated from 1st September 2022 onwards, but remains open as a reference until 30 November 2023: OH Law Online closure.

5 reasons to subscribe today!

  • 1 – It’s the place to find out about OH Law
    OH Law Online puts the OH Law information you need in one place. It covers all of the key areas – everything from consent and confidentiality to the law relating to disability at work.
  • 2 – Always up to date
    With a subscription to OH Law Online, you’ll always have current information at the touch of a button. The service will be updated regularly with all of the most recent cases and developments. Our monthly email newsletter will ensure subscribers can immediately see the latest developments, so you know what has changed – and then can check how it might affect you.
  • 3 – Reliable, authoritative information
    If you need expertly written, meticulously researched information on how the law affects your practice, OH Law Online will be an indispensable resource. OH Law Online is edited by Allan Tyrer, a well-respected writer on equality law. One of the UK’s most eminent authorities on occupational health law, Professor Diana Kloss is the consultant editor.  As well as providing original materials, the site draws on the depth of knowledge and materials about OH law developed over the past decade by The At Work Partnership through the publication of Occupational Health [at Work] journal, the Discrimination Law and Occupational Health Practice book, and the provision of the Certificate in Occupational Health Law training course.
  • 4 – 100% tailored to the requirements of OH professionals
    The new service only includes information of relevance to OH and it clearly pulls out the implications of the law – so that you know how it will affect your work. If you are a professional working in OH, HR, H&S or an allied health professional, you’ll find OH Law Online provides the information you need about your OH legal obligations. The online format is ideal for professionals who work at a number of locations, allowing you to log on and find information anytime, and anywhere.
  • 5 – Keep abreast of opinion and debate
    You’ll also be able to keep on top of all of the latest opinion and debate – in our blogs section of the site, leading experts voice their thoughts. You will also be able to add in your own comments and thoughts, and debate the implications of the law with other OH practitioners in our comments sections.

OH Law online is an indispensable service for everyone involved in occupational health. Take a couple of minutes to look through our free content, or sign up for our free email newsletter and make sure you subscribe today!