You can change the font size of pages you print from your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser by using the print ‘Print preview’ option in your browser.

‘Print preview’ should be in ‘File’ menu. If you cannot see ‘File’ at the top of your browser, press the ‘Alt’ key to make it appear.

In ‘Print preview’, you should be able to find a box with a percentage in it or which states ‘Shrink to Fit’ or ‘Custom’. This governs the size of the printing. Click on this box and for larger print sizes select an option greater than 100%. For smaller print sizes select an option under 100%.

In Microsoft Edge (used by Windows 10), after clicking ‘Print’ within their browser there should be a ‘Scale’ box showing ‘Shrink to fit’ or a percentage, which again you can adjust.

Google’s ‘Chrome’ browser does not seem to have this option.