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Though not a binding precedent, an employment tribunal has held that a former member of the armed forces can claim for disability discrimination occurring after discharge, subject to the normal rules on post-employment discrimination. Normally, Sch 9 para 4 of the Equality Act excludes the armed forces from the EqA employment provisions as regards disability... Read more »
A doctor who believed on the basis of the Bible that it is not possible to change sex/gender and was not willing to use preferred pronouns has failed in a discrimination claim. In Mackereth v DWP ( the EAT held the doctor had a protected belief under the Equality Act, but on the facts there... Read more »
In summer 2022 we had what may be the first employment tribunal decision on how far Long Covid is a disability within the Equality Act. The case is Burke v Turning Point . The tribunal held the claimant did have a disability, but each case will depend on its facts. More: Covid-19>’Long Covid’ as... Read more »
The Supreme Court decision in Various Claimants v Barclays (when is an employer vicariously liability for acts of an OH practitioner?) has been considered by the Court of Appeal in a case on dentists. The Court of Appeal case concerned whether the owner of a dental practice was vicariously liable for alleged negligence of (self-employed)... Read more »