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On the facts of the case, a tribunal was entitled to find it was not EqA harassment to call a colleague a ‘fat ginger pikey’. A sales rep claimed disability (and racial) harassment contrary to the Equality Act for having been called a ‘fat ginger pikey’ and various other things at work. The office culture... Read more »
The claimant saw her current workplace as having caused her mental health condition, and felt unable to return there. The reasonable adjustment duty was held to apply. The claimant was a Professor at a School of Engineering. She felt she was subject to sex discrimination, and was absent from January 2010 with work-related stress and... Read more »
On a claim under s.15 Equality Act, the disability-related reason need not be the only, or even the main, reason for the unfavourable treatment. A nurse with knee arthritis was applying for a new job. Her prospective employer got references from two previous employers. One reference raised doubts about her general capabilities. The other reference... Read more »
The Court of Appeal held that in deciding whether a non-UK employee could bring a British employment claim, the fact his contract was governed by English law was relevant as one factor to be considered. In Green v SIG Trading ( the claimant had lived in the Middle East for over 15 years, and was... Read more »
In deciding whether an individual claiming EqA victimisation acted in bad faith, the primary question was whether they acted honestly in making the allegation. The claimant was likely to fail his final assessment to become a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and raised a grievance about a racist remark allegedly made some four years previously. He claimed... Read more »
The Court of Appeal upheld a decision by the GMC to disclose an expert report to a patient despite the patient’s data being mixed with personal data of a doctor, who objected to its disclosure. A patient had complained to the General Medical Council about his GP. An expert report was produced in which personal... Read more »