Legal News

We are continuing to update our Covid-19 page for recent changes. Changes in England include: Advice for office workers to work from home was withdrawn on 19th January 2022: Covid>Working from home. The regulations making face coverings compulsory – subject to exemptions – in shops, public transport and various other settings will no longer apply... Read more »
To free up GP capacity, employees are temporarily being allowed to self-certify sickness absence of up to 28 days for Statutory Sick Pay, rather than the usual 7 days. This applies if the absence begins between 10th December 2021 and 26th January 2022 inclusive. It only applies to SSP. There is no reason not to... Read more »
We have updated our Covid page for changes which took effect in England from November and early December. In summary, in England: From 13th December office workers who can work from home are advised to do so: Covid>Working from home. From 30th November face coverings became compulsory (subject to exemptions) on public transport, in shops... Read more »
An appeal case has upheld two tribunal decisions which had reached opposite conclusions on the same university retirement policy. This was two joined appeals where Professors Pitcher (English Literature) and Ewart (Atomic and Laser Physics) had been required to retire at age 67 under the same university retirement policy. Each case had been heard by... Read more »
An employment tribunal (so not a binding precedent) has accepted a claim for indirect disability discrimination by the carer of a disabled person asked to give up a home-working contract. The claimant was the carer for her disabled mother. She had a ‘home working contract’ though it seems she was in the office 2-3 days... Read more »
The Court of Appeal held that a fostering and adoption charity had not shown justification for requiring carers to abstain from homosexual activity. The case concerned a charity whose aim was to recruit evangelical Christians to foster or adopt children. Recruits were expected to sign a statement of beliefs and abstain from ‘homosexual behaviour’. Under... Read more »
The EAT rejected a claim that it would have been a reasonable adjustment for a teacher to continue on the same salary long-term, after she became instead a cover supervisor due to mental ill health. A teacher had a period of absence due to mental ill health. She came back to work three days a... Read more »