Legal News

Diana Kloss’s latest blog reports on a case which has held that legal protections on PPE and leaving work in circumstances of danger should apply to ‘workers’, not just employees. The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) was successful in its claim that UK legislation failed to implement EU directives requiring that protection should... Read more »
The Court of Appeal confirmed that saving or avoidance of costs, without more, is not sufficient for the justification defence. However an employer’s need to reduce its expenditure in order to balance its books could be a legitimate aim. In Heskett v Secretary of State for Justice, ( the government had introduced limits on public... Read more »
Just published! Our new book: Hand-arm vibration syndrome: A guide for occupational health practitioners is now available. Written by Dr Roger Cooke, it examines the best practice in diagnosis and management of conditions related to hand-arm vibration exposure. Expertly written, and widely researched, this book will be an indispensable resource within the field of occupational... Read more »
The Information Commissioner’s Office has issued revised guidance on subject access requests (SARs) under the GDPR. As outlined in the ICO’s blog post (, some key changes or areas where the guidance ( has been expanded relate to: stopping the clock to ask for clarification of an individual’s request if genuinely required; when is a... Read more »
From 5th November, the clinically extremely vulnerable are advised not to go into workplace. New guidance has been issued for those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, who up to 1st August were advised to shield. The guidance is at As regards work, it says that from 5th November this group is ‘strongly advised to... Read more »
Under the new lockdown regulations from 5th November, people can only leave home for work purposes if it is not reasonably possible to work from home. Up to 4th November the guidance was that office workers who can work effectively from home should do so, but this is a legal requirement from 5th November. Government... Read more »
New section on face coverings for staff, as regards new rules from 24th September. From 24th September, broadly retail, leisure and hospitality staff are required to wear a face covering when they are in a part of the premises ‘which is open to the public, and comes or likely to come within close contact of... Read more »
The EAT has held that in considering the justification defence under s.15 Equality Act, the employment tribunal should look at the outcome rather than focusing on faults in the employer’s decision-making process. In Department of Work and Pensions v Boyers ( the claimant, an administrative officer, was disabled with migraine and mental health issues. She... Read more »